REFFLEX DN-5.0 mm flexible tube (201648, 203648, 208648)

Flexible tube: 8.0 x 5.0 mm

Coil of 25 mtr (standard) or 500 mtr for production purposes

Maximum working pressure: 80 bar *

Burst pressure: > 400 bar (at 20°C)

Suitable at -40°C/115°C for all HCFC, HFC and many natural gasses.

Check REFFLEX® DN-5.0 mm crimping fittings or REFFLEX® DN-5.0 mm screw fittings for applicable connections.

Available colours;

  • 201648 black (standard)
  • 203648 blue
  • 208648 red

* contact us for higher working pressures

Below: overview of DN-5.0mm hose with package details and article code.

HoseColourPerT min [°C]T max [°C]PS [bar]Art. nr.
Flexible hose DN-5,0 mmblack25 mtr-4011580201648
Flexible hose DN-5,0 mmblue25 mtr-4011580203648
Flexible hose DN-5,0 mmred25 mtr-4011580208648