REFFLEX®  Flexible tube

REFFLEX® is the most sophisticated system of polyamide capillary tubing, having excellent mechanical and thermal properties combined with a very high flexibility.

It is suitable for all non-corrosive refrigerants including natural gases such as CO2 and propane and the relevant special oils such as ester- an PAG

REFFLEX® refrigeration hose has the following excellent properties:

  • Highly flexible, bending at extreme short radius
  • Absorbing all possible multi directional vibrations

REFFLEX® flexible tubes are available in:

  • DN-2.0 capillary tube on coils of 50 and 1.100 meter
    colours:  Grey, Black, Blue, Red and Yellow

  • DN-5.0 flexible tube on coils of 25 and 500 meter
    colours: Black, Blue and Red


Technical specifications

Operation temperature -40°C/115°C
Max working pressure 80 bar
Burst pressure DN-2.0 > 700 bar
Bending radius DN-2.0 50mm
Burst pressure DN-5.0 > 500 bar
Bending radius DN-5.0 100mm
EN1736 permeability Class 1 at 100°C and 130 bar
Refrigerants HFC/HFO, HC and CO2-Sub
ozone-, UV-, and oil resistant