REFFLEX®  DN-5.0 flexible tube

Flexible tube: 8.0 x 5.0 mm

Coil of 25 meter (standard) or 500 meter for OEM serial production purposes

Check the suitable REFFLEX® DN-5.0 crimp fittings or screw fittings for applicable connections.




REFFLEX DN 5.0 Tubes Overlay
DN-5.0 tube
Article Colour
201648 Black (standard)
203648 Blue
208648 Red

Technical specifications

Operation temperature -40°C/115°C
Max working pressure 80 bar
Burst pressure DN-5.0 > 500 bar
Bending radius DN-5.0 100mm
EN1736 permeability Class 1 at 100°C and 130 bar
Refrigerants HFC/HFO, HC and CO2-Sub
ozone-, UV-, and oil resistant

EN1736 compliant

Our hoses have been tested by Instituto Giordano, Italy, and found compliant with EN1736:2009 norm which regulates the requirements of:

  • pressure strength
  • burst pressure
  • fatigue resistance
  • permeability rate

of non-metallic tubes used in air conditioning and refrigerating systems, including heat pumps.