REFFLEX® DN-5.0 CO2 Fabricated hoses

Our CO2 Transcritical hose is only available as prefabricated solution as the crimp requires different parameters.

REFFLEX DN-5.0 CO2 Transcritical green tube
REFFLEX DN-5.0 CO2 Transcritical hose

DN-5.0 CO2 Fabricated hoses

REFFLEX® provides a flexible hose solution for CO2 Transcritical applications.

Our reinforced DN-5.0 tube is tested and certified for applications up to 150 bar and 150°C.

This tube is only available as pre-fabricated hose made to specifications, as the crimp requires specific parameters other than our standard DN-5.0 hose.

With REFFLEX®, your refigeration or heat pump system is compliant with EN378 and DIN8975 (DN-5.0) and you simplify the connection of:

  • Pressure switches
  • Pressure transducers
  • Manometers
  • Water flow controls
  • Fan speed controls
  • Oil separators and level regulators (DN-5.0)

Technical specifications

Operation temperature -40°C/150°C
Max working pressure 150 bar
Bending radius DN-5.0 CO2 100mm
Burst pressure DN-5.0 CO2 > 1.000 bar
EN1736 permeability Class 1 at 100°C and 130 bar
Refrigerants HFC/HFO, HC and CO2 (Sub & Trans)
ozone-, UV-, and oil resistant yes

REFFLEX® DN-5.0 CO2 Transcritical hose complies with EN1736 and ISO9223.