The flared nuts for DN-5.0 mm fittings are made of hot-forged brass, as is the best option for the refrigeration industry. Access valve depressors are available with all 1/4" flare fittings.

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Below: overview of DN-5.0mm fittings with package details and article code.
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TypeHose connectionNut SAENut UNFPerArt. nr.
DN-5,0 mm fitting straight 1/4"Crimping system1/4"7/16"100 pc200645
DN-5,0 mm fitting angle 1/4"Crimping system1/4"7/16"100 pc200646
DN-5,0 mm fitting straight 3/8"Crimping system3/8"5/8"100 pc200678
DN-5,0 mm fitting angle 3/8"Crimping system3/8"5/8"100 pc200679
DN-5,0 mm T-stuk, 2,0 mm hose, 1 x 1/4" nutCrimping system1/4"7/16"25 pc200647
DN-5,0 mm fitting 100 x 6 mm ODSCrimping system--100 pc200745
DN-5,0 mm fitting 6 mm Ermeto straightCrimping system--25 pc200845
DN-5,0 mm fitting 6 mm Ermeto angleCrimping system--25 pc200846