REFFLEX® introduces flexible hoses for carbon dioxide in trans-critical systems. The specific application of CO2 in transcritical plants requires a different solution compared with “traditional” REFFLEX® hoses.

A new range of hoses for these applications is now available. The basic design is a DN-5.0 mm hose, made of PTFE (“Teflon”), reinforced with a single-layer braid of stainless steel wires and with suitable fittings. The PTFE-compound, along with the stainless steel braid, allows for the typical pressure-temperature conditions involved with transcritical CO2 systems.

Upon special request, compressor manufacturers may supply their products with relevant 6-mm plain tube compression fittings, as required for HP- and LP measure, control and for oil return.

These prefabricated hoses can be used in subcritical systems and with ammonia as well.


• Inside diameter: 5 mm (3/16”)
• Outside diameter: 8 mm (5/16”)
• Core material: Pure PTFE (“Teflon”)
• Reinforced: Single layer AISI-314 wired
• Max. working temp.: 130 °C (275 °F)
• Max. working press.: 160 bar (2320 PSI)
• Test pressure: 500 bar (7250 PSI)

• 1/4” SAE flare – 7/16”UNF - Straight and elbow
• Plain steel tube 6 mm O.D. for use with compression fitting